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HT (Hide Tools) Employee Monitor Review

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General Product Information       
Website: hidetools.com
Software: HT Employee Monitor
Year: 2007-2010
Languages: English Only
Remote Monitoring: Yes
Stealth Mode: Yes
Price: 79.95$


HT Employee Monitor is one of the best professional monitoring tools used all around the world. It allows you to view all the activities of your employee without moving from your cabin. You can easily watch every activity of your employee on your computer screen. Previously, employee monitoring always remained a headache for the employers but with the introduction of HT Employee Monitor, this headache has decreased down. The employee monitor tool of this application is very strong and provides complete access of remote computer to the employer. If you wanted to perform employee Internet monitoring with the help of this application you can easily perform this task.

Monitoring employees is now become much easier as you don’t have to perform many actions to access the remote pc of your employee. Only you have to connect the server computer with the remote computer and after that you can easily access anything there. To perform employee monitor task, only you require a reliable monitoring employee monitoring software. in this regards, HT Employee monitor is the best option to go with. Either your employee perform web browsing or any other activity, the monitoring software stores all actions. It simply creates log files of the whole monitoring so that employer can easily view them.

If you want to control your LAN then you can easily control and access every connected pc through your LAN with the help of this software. Another important feature of this employee monitoring application is screenshot capturing. You can monitor employee activity with the help of screenshots that are taken by this application at different intervals of time. If you wanted employee email monitoring facility then HT Employee Monitoring tool provides you this facility in the complete package. You can monitor each and every activity of the remote computer and can analyze it.

The filter of this software allows you to filter any unreliable content then you can put a filter on such kind of content. Along with this, if you wanted to block any kind of website or application on remote computer then you can also do this easily. The log files that are created by the application also store the keystrokes of the remote computer so that if employer wanted to view them then he can. To monitor employees, there are number of software available in the market but as compared to all other, HT Employee Monitor is the best one to use. Either you wanted to use it for personal purposes or for commercial purposes; nothing can be better than this for you.

The HT (Hide Tools) Employee Monitor comes with a 60 day money back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied.


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